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About ClearPath

ClearPath Move Managers is committed to helping our clients by creating a plan with compassion and care that is a clear path, each step of the way, to the wide-open road of new beginnings.

The Foundation of ClearPath Move Managers

ClearPath Move Managers was established to be a catalyst in creating a “clear path” to a healthy, positive experience during a life transition of downsizing, organizing, and moving. 

Assessment & Planning

Assess and Identify the need through detailed collection of data.

Plan and Create a “ClearPath” plan based on the individualized needs and desires. Set goals and determine a measurable time frame to reach expected goals and positive outcomes.


Implement and put into action the interventions, skills, and work required to carry out the specialized plan


Ongoing and final evaluation of implemented actions, meeting of goals and expected outcomes; modifying the plan as needed.

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