Our Mission

A commitment to serve our clients with kindness during a life transition by providing a sense of ease and peace of mind during an often stressful time. Whether your need is downsizing, upsizing, organizing, moving, or a home clear out, our goal is to make it as stress-free as possible and a pleasant experience by lifting the burden off your shoulders.

About ClearPath

We Specialize in Reducing the Stress of Life’s Transitions

Moving at any age can be difficult and stressful.  The process of downsizing and relocating can be very overwhelming, especially for someone who has lived 20, 30, 40+ years in the same home.

ClearPath Move Managers understand and desire to help our clients with the emotional and physical aspects of the relocation and transition process. We specialize in helping take the stress out of life’s transitions.

We Care

We understand that it truly is so much more than just a move. 

We’ve experienced this process personally with our loved ones. We understand how emotional it is to not only move from your home but also find yourself needing to downsize, which equates to having to let go of many personal, special possessions.  Our priority is to guide you through the entire process with close attention and care to your needs, desires, and goals.   We don’t just pack and unpack boxes. We help you sort through memories, make “right-sizing” decisions, and “releasing” items as you transition to your new home with less stress.

About Our  Founders

Tonya Matthews, BSN, RN – Owner & Founder

The journey that led me as a practicing RN of 14+ years to establish and become the founder of ClearPath Move Managers began more than 25 years ago when I owned and operated my own successful residential and commercial cleaning business. As a young entrepreneur and business owner, I realized it was my strong desire to serve others to better their day-to-day quality of life whether in their home, business, or healthcare setting. It was important to me to demonstrate the core values and qualities that I hold of greatest importance: integrity, trustworthiness, caring, kindness, compassion, and reliability

I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR. The years spent as an RN have taught and instilled in me the vital importance of my role in Health and Wellness Promotion and Prevention in individuals, families, and communities.

The Move Process Is Difficult and Stressful

I’ve experienced firsthand by observing my family members, friends, or clients suffer the unfortunate physiological, psychological, emotional effects these life events can have because they were unaware that these are “more than just moves.” As a nurse, I am aware and understand the anxiety and stress that often happens during a life-changing event or transition – particularly the necessity to declutter, downsize, upsize, move, and relocate. I also understand the vital importance of creating a “ClearPath” that leads to a successful transition.

Bruce Matthews, BSE – Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Co-Founder and Operations Manager – Bruce has 44+ years of work experience in owning, managing, and operating a successful small business in Northwest Arkansas and working 42+ years as a teacher and football coach in secondary education.   He has spent many years dedicated and committed to creating, developing and implementing best practices and strategies to running a small business successfully and efficiently. In addition, years spent mentoring, encouraging, and supporting young adults’ growth in education and athletics during very impressionable years and life events.  

Bruce has received multiple recognitions for his years of service in education as well as the small business community, and acknowledgment of his proven management and personal relationship skills with local partners and customers. Bruce’s expertise, skills, and performance as the Operations and Logistics Manager of ClearPath Move Managers provide great assurance to clients that their project will operate and run like a well-oiled machine.

The Inspiration of ClearPath Move Managers

Helen Henson – Client Liaison and Associate

Helen Henson is my 83-yr-old mother and my inspiration. I had the personal experience helping her through the tiring, overwhelming, stressful, emotional, and difficult process of downsizing, transitioning, and moving to a new home. My siblings and I found ourselves acknowledging day after day our own physical exhaustion and feelings of frustrations due to differences of opinion. But more importantly, the process was extremely difficult and took a toll on our mother emotionally and physically as well as the overall family unit. In the aftermath of my mother’s move, I found myself wanting to share my experiences and this new understanding with others, so they could avoid the many pitfalls we experienced. I have been astounded to find so many others with the same stories and experiences of difficulties while downsizing and moving a loved one or themselves. These stories, as well as my own experience has encouraged me to establish ClearPath Move Managers.

I can passionately say, ‘it’s truly so much more than just a move.”


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