Move Management Services

We care. It’s more than a move.

ClearPath Move Managers is committed to helping our clients with compassion and care. We create a clear path to the wide-open road of new beginnings.

Free Initial Consultation

  • A complimentary meeting to introduce ClearPath Move Managers and get to know you.
  • A home tour and discuss your goals
  • Provide explanation of our services and ideas for the next step
  • Determine how we can best work together in the step by step process

Customized Move Plan

  • Create a clear pathway and plan for all services needed
  • Continuous communication, support, and coordination of a plan from start to end
  • Management of all arrangements with additional services if desired
  • Individualized Move Plan folder with valuable information and additional resources to assist in a successful move or project. 

Floor Planning

  • Assess the new home, square footage, and floor plan layout
  • Assess storage availability in the new home
  • Assist in selecting the furniture that will best fit in the new home
  • Take photos and measure the selected furniture for creation of a customized floor plan
  • Schedule a “walk through” meeting of the customized floor plan
  • Provide any modifications to the plan and special needs for overall safety 
  • Create the finalized floor plan and provide move day furniture list is shared with the mover, client, and family 

Sorting & Downsizing

  • Assist with “right-sizing” by room to room sorting of items into 5 categories:
    • “What to Keep”
    • “What to “legacy gift” to family”
    • “What to donate”
    • “What to sell”
    • “What to dispose of”
  • Manage and arrange for donation pick-up 
  • Arrange for sale
  • Schedule and arrange for disposal of items


  • A customized packing schedule for client’s needs
  • Carefully and professionally pack your belongings so they arrive safe and sound (We are insured and bonded)
  • We provide all packing boxes and supplies (one-time fee)
  • Assist in identifying and setting aside those “essential items” needed between packing and move day

Move Day Management

  • Move day morning finalize packing of all those set aside “essential items” 
  • Assist in arranging the right moving company for you
  • Coordinate, meet, and oversee the movers on move day
  • Finalize any last-minute packing items, pack perishables from refrigerator and freezer
  • Manage the entire moving day process and be there every step of the way

Unpacking and Resettling

  • Get you settled into your new home:
    • Organize kitchen cabinets, cupboards and putting away food
    • Make your bed and set up your bathroom
    • Connect basic electronics (TV and computer), connect lamps, set up clocks
    • Dispose of trash
    • Removal of all packing materials and boxes from new home
  • Completion of move day will be finished by late afternoon
  • Your first night in your new home will feel familiar, comfortable and safe.

Home Clear Out

  • Sorting and packing of items for family and donations
  • Shipment of items to family
  • Donation pick up
  • Waste removal (furniture, etc.)
  • Sorting and Shredding of important personal and legal paperwork
  • Arrange for house and carpet cleaning
  • Coordinate painting and minor repair
  • Organize and provide services after a loved one’s passing

Who Do We Serve?

  • Are you someone needing to sort, declutter, dispose of or donate “stuff” that’s weighing you down? Do you want to bring order, simplify and free up space in your current home?
  • Are you downsizing the family home and moving to a smaller home, condo or adult community?
  • Are you an empty nester, boomer or senior?  Could you use help with the  moving process?
  • Do you need to upsize your current home, or are you combining households and need help with the planning to keep it simple?
  • Are you relocating across the country or across town and don’t have time to prepare for a move or clear out the home for a move?
  • Are you a busy professional or an adult child of a boomer/senior parents needing assistance for a move or clear out of their home for a move?
  • Have you lost a loved one and need to organize dispersal and clear out their home or senior living space?
  • Are you a boomer/senior needing to organize your estate, distribute gifted items, arrange for creative archiving of family history, pictures, and collections?


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